Saturday, February 19, 2011


Who doesn't LOVE potty training!  HAHA Well Princess is now 18 months and we slowly started potty training about a month ago.  So far I think we are doing well!  Ya' know they say..cloth diapered babies potty train quicker...not sure if that's true.  We have a little potty chair, and a potty seat that goes into the toilet. 

(That's a smile! haah)

I started out by telling her what I was doing on the potty.  LOL Since she follows me everywhere!  Then we had gotten 2 books from CandleWick Press, which I LOVE!  You can see my review HERE.  These books seriously have been the biggest help!  I keep "Potty" and "Tubby" in the bathroom.  Every time I would see her diaper I would say "Hey Poopy goes in the Potty!"  and I'd rush her into the bathroom and plop her on the potty.  Then, while she is sitting there I read her those books.  She loves those books, and she lets her focus go and goes poopy!  When she's all finished I say "ok flush it, say bye bye poopy."  It's great!

Now, whenever she has to go she runs to the bathroom and puts her potty seat in the toilet and comes and grabs me.  I sit her up on it and she reaches around and grabs her books.  I read them and she goes!  IT'S GREAT! 

What SHE loves about it:
*Princess does not like having her clothes on, so she's thrilled to be taking her pants off, and you know, once you have those off the socks HAVE to go! 
*Her books, great incentive to go to the bathroom...I had a feeling she would start going in there just to read the books, but so far that hasn't happened.
*Mommy does the potty dance for her.  Every time she goes I dance the Pull Up's Potty Dance Song!
*Mommy claps and cheers for her!
*Waving bye bye to poopy is fun too!

So, it's going well.  She's even peeed in there a few times, although right now I'm just starting with poopy.  For us, the potty chair has not been helpful, she's used that once, the seat is best.  The books...I'd say are a MUST have, at least the Potty book.  It is really cute book and of course Mama adds plenty of excitement to it! 

I wanna know who is potty training now, whats working for you?  Who's getting ready to potty train, ect. 


  1. Thank you for putting how you did it! Izzy's 17 months and I've been thinking about potty training with no clue how to start. Great post! I hope she keeps up this trend.

  2. We succeeded with a chiming clock. Every time it chimed, it was potty time!

  3. What a cutie! Hayden is just now 3 and still not interested but I'm going to start trying hard core now!

  4. Thanks for sharing your methods. My son is 16 months and we have been potty training for a week or so. A friend copied their Baby Signs All Aboard the Potty Train dvd, and Jackson really likes it. It's the only movie or video he's ever showed any interest in. It's really helped teach him potty signs. I think I'm going to get the Potty book. I have a hard time keeping him sitting on the potty long enough to do his business.

  5. Our daughter is 18 months and we are starting. We are started slowly. I'm so new at all of this. I have the potty and a seat. I haven't tried the seat yet. But reading this I will. And I need to get some potty books too.


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