Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sexy Costume Discounters: Valentine's Event REVIEW

Want a fun Valentine's night??? Check out Sexy Costume Discounters!  I absolutely love the variety of products they carry, everything you could possibly need for a fabulous costume!  From every costume imaginable and all the accessories, handbags, make-up,  womens shoes, leggings and more, Sexy Costume Discounters is your one stop costume shop!

I got to review Double Strap Glitter Mary Jane 4 Inch pumps!

These sexy glitter platform pumps are PERFECT for St. Patrick's Day, or Mardi Gras!  I actually got them for Mardi Gras, won't be missed in a crowd wearing these! 

I love them!  I have a bit of a shoe collection and these platforms are my newest and favorite addition.  I always love glittery items but I have to be cautious because I hate when the glitter falls off all over everything.  These are perfect, super glittery, and it says on, I'm not leaving a trail wearing these!  Mary Jane's are classic cute shoes, but you don't often see them with two straps.  I think the two straps on these really add an extra touch of sexiness to them.  These are super comfortable, and easy for me to walk in.  Another thing that I love is sometimes I find with heels that the back part of the shoe where your heel is can sometimes be super irritating if the shoe is too hard.  I did not have this problem with these, I found them to be flexible and easy to put on and off.

Although this isn't my Mardi Gras outfit you can see that they definitely make any outfit pop!  I also found a ton of super sexy costumes that I have to share:

2 Pc Snow Princess Adult

Adult Sexy Pin Up Girl Costume

Adult Elite Carnival Queen Costume

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  1. Aw! You look cute in those shoes, i so want one!

    Very nice review !


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