Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rileyroos Review!

Rileyroos was born after becoming frustrated with the lack of developmentally friendly and good looking shoes for children. Rileyroos is not only stylish, comfortable, but also easy to walk in for first timers! They are designed to feel like barefoot walking but offers flexibility and padded soles. Most baby and toddler shoes are bulky and "thumpy," Rileyroos are lightweight and protective, and of course trendy too!

What we thought:
I really love Rileyroos, I only wish I would have gotten them sooner!  Princess started walking at 9 months and I was totally unprepared!  I knew I had to find shoes to help her walk, but all I found was clucky, thick, flat shoes, with shoe laces.  She ended up being barefoot most the time but I know now if I have another baby, I have to have Rileyroos!  My favorite feature is the material it's made out of, it's so soft and bendable that I would like to try a pair for my feet.  Rileyroos are also extremely stylish!  Seriously I love the designs, I had such a hard time picking out a pair!  I went with the Megan style. 

The delightful sandal style shoe is too cute and perfect for little ones!  The top of it is made of soft nubuck leather, with an added chic flower.  The side have small ducts to keep baby's feet from sweating.  The sole is made of flexible leather with rubber padding for plenty of protection.  The curled sole helps baby natural gravitation from sitting to crawling to walking. 

*Handcrafted with high quality, durable nubuck leather uppers
*Super soft and lightweight
*Padded leather collars for added comfort
*Leather linings for breathability
*Velcro closure for secure fit and easy on and off
*Flexible and form-fitting nubuck leather outsoles with accent colored rubber padding

I love that these baby sandals are so easy to slip on with velcro closure.  That's super important because my baby is so squirmy and does not like me putting anything on her!  The quicker the better!  My mother-in-law loves them and keeps saying we should have got them earlier.  Rileyroos fits babies and toddlers 3 to 24 months.

Rileyroos is customer service is great too.  I called them up just to see if the shoes usually fit small or large because Princess' feet are growing so fast, I was unsure of what size to get.  They then told me to download a printable size chart which was found right on their website!  It was super helpful using that chart, I definitely got the right size.  Print your chart HERE!

If you are thinking about trying them on before you buy them, find a store near you that sells RileyroosThere are four around me! 

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