Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blue Man Group BLOWS MY MIND! ATLANTA: Hurry only 2 days left!

OMG!  If you haven't seen the Blue Man Group yet, GO!  You will not be disappointed..or board.  I have to be honest, before I saw that I kind of thought "now how are they going to keep me interested the whole time without saying anything?"  ...but now I know.  They are amazing! 

They opened with a hilarious set while making a painting using only the mouth!  I loved how they captured the audience and made in an interactive show.  A lucky audience member got to keep the painting!  I was wishing it was me LOL! 

The music and lights were excellent, very psychedelic and fun to watch.  They created images using shadows and special lighting that was really spectacular. 

Ah, and the famous paint on the drums, very cool to finally see!  It's really amazing watching the paint splash in the light and the Blue Men add an amusing twist to it. 

Although I loved watching the whole thing, I do have a favorite part.  Now I cannot ruin it for you but let's just say you are NOT sitting on your BUTT the entire time.  Blue Man Group does a fabulous job at keeping your head up and watching their every move. 

There's still time!  Today and Tomorrow is your last chance to see them live at the Fox Theatre HURRY order your tickets HERE
Saturday 22nd - 2pm and 8pm
Sunday 23rd - 1:30pm and 7pm

Tickets are on sale NOW at Ticketmaster outlets, 800-982-2787 and Ticket prices range from $30-$70. Special group rates are available through the Fox Theatre Group Sales Department at 404-881-2000.

Don't worry Blue Man Group may be coming to a town near you!  To see if they make a stop in your town visit:


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