Monday, December 27, 2010

Help choose! We need your deciding vote!

Recently my Father-in-law bought a new 60 inch tv and he has been considering getting a new tv stand.  The one he has now is too small and too low to the ground.  He had asked me if I knew where to find a good TV stand, because he says everywhere he goes is all the same thing, not really a lot of different options.  I was happy to have his solution!  The best tv stands can be found at CSN Stores!  I literally had to pull out my laptop and show him.  He found a lot that he liked but right now he is debating between these two:

My Father-in-law enjoyed searching for a tv stand, it's so easy to find exactly what you are looking for!  You are able to specify your price range, the tv size, style, finish, and even special features such as inclusion of swivel stand and media storage.  Which one do you like best?  My favorite is the second one, I love that it incorporates room to add decor!


  1. I agree and would votes for the second one. It does add room for decor or movies. There's lots of room for a dvd player or reciever or whatever else you have. The only thing I would worry about is if your father-in-law ever changes the possition of his tv. My family and I rearrange the living room at least twice a year so the tv and its stand changes position so it's better to have things that move easily.

    I hope this helped!!

    AubrieAnne @

  2. I like the second one. I love csn. ; )

  3. If price is not a problem, I think I am voting for the second one. :)

  4. I'd go with the second one. More storage. Also, I think it compliments the tv more than the bottom-only stand.

  5. I like the 1st one. Although the 2nd one has tons of shelves it looks too bulky I like the lower stand good luck w/your choice


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