Tuesday, January 4, 2011


If you haven't heard of Giveaway Blogs you have to go join!  It's an awesome blog group run by U-Printing.  They offer monthly review and giveaways of U-Printing products.  Some of the other sponsors include Ceiva, Repeater Store, Smart & Sexy, Scandle, Eco Store, and so much more!  Anyways besides a great community, they also have tons of photo contests!  I love entering photo contests...and I am always the one to say "Oh I never win anything" but guess what!! I finally won!  I won the "My Thanksgiving Highlight Photo Contest!"  Whoo hoo go me! 

Wanna know what I won?  I won a $100 Target E-gift card, and an 18 by 24 Canvas print from U-Printing!  And wanna know the best part!  There is another contest happening now! 

The Holiday Photo Contest and the prizes:
$100 Amazon GC
18 by 24 Canvas Print

I'm telling you go enter! I am!  Go Here to sign up for giveaway blogs, (for bloggers).


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